Beenie Man laughs off his critics

1 week ago

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Beenie Man is known as a lyrical legend and entertainer but he showed a bit more to the audience on Yendi Phillips recent episode of Odyssey by Yendi.

Beenie was very authentic in his sit down, from the heart-wrenching moments–when he seemed close to tears and choked up– talking about his late mother, to the jokes about Gilbert and him hiding the truth about his child stardom from his ardent Christian mom.

One aspect of the interview that makes you see the entertainer in a different light is his unique view on his personal life and how he deals with the critiques and being a public figure.

“Yuh siddung and mek people talk because them mouth cut crossway and have tongue in deh, as long as them nuh dumb, them ago talk…yuh watch people scrutiny of you and listen to them expectation of you and you laugh! Weh yah go do bout it–cause a man cyah tell me how fi live my life, mi live it how me wah fi live it”

The deejay speaks about how he laughs off all the negativity and expects the trials that he has faced both personally and lyrically, throughout the four decades of his career.

Davis shared how he was booed performing in front of the great Nelson Mandela and how that pushed him to be better and try harder at his craft. The legend was transparent about the bad times and trials in his career and shared just how he overcame.

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