Belgium survives Canada scare to win World Cup opener

Stevian Francis

4 days ago

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Football superstars Belgium, held on to survive a dramatic opening World Cup game in group f after edging Canada 1-0 in Qatar on Wednesday.

Belgium, who entered the tournament with a cautious optimism of challenging for the title despite being top-ranked was expected to have a comfortable opener against the Canadians, it was, however, anything but that.

The European team, was forced to fight to defend their slender lead given by Micha Batshuayi in the 44th minute, as the CONCACAF representative Canada showed why they are qualifiers for the tournament.

Reigning Cup Semi-finalist Belgium, who were virtually matched on every account in the game, was almost overrun by the North Americans who were in their second-ever tournament, let fly 22 shots on goal to their nine record attempts.

Among those shots included a missed penalty by Canada which is perhaps a sign of inexperience under pressure. 

Belgium however seemingly adhered to that wake-up call and offered a bit more composure.

Despite playing without top strike Romelu Lukaku who is being monitored until the second round as he recovers from injury were able to ward off another spectacular upset at the tournament as they secured a vital three points.

With Croatia and Morocco playing to a 0-0 draw Belgium is the sole leader of group f.

 They are now set to play Morocco on Sunday (November 27)

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