Double homicide in Maxfield Avenue linked to West Kingston feud

Racquel A. McKenzie

2 months ago

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Police have indicated that the deadly shooting which claimed the lives of a man and woman and left another male victim nursing gunshot wounds at the D and M HQ bar along Maxfield Avenue last evening, is linked to a feud from a neighboring police division.

The deceased has been identified as Marlon Kerr, a 44-year-old bearer, otherwise called “English”, of Sangsters Crescent in Kingston 14 and Natasia Douglas, a nurse of a Harbour View address.

Station Commander for the Matildas Corner Police Station Inspector Earl Grant outlined that based on intelligence gathered, the fatal shooting is linked to ongoing issues in the Kingston Western Division that spewed onto Maxfield Avenue.

Preliminary reports indicate that around 9:00 p.m., a lone gunman entered the property and attacked a male patron who ran inside the bar.

A chase ensued and the gunman opened fire hitting the victim and two other patrons. All three victims were rushed to hospital where both Douglas and Kerr were pronounced dead.

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