Elephant Man’s dance challenge gets international recognition

Jeniel Lamb

3 weeks ago

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Local and international dancers are participating in Elephant Man’s new song challenge, the Warm Up wine challenge has many dancers participating and showing their skills. 

Warm Up might just be another banger for the entertainer–Elephant Man seems to be working on bringing back dancing culture to dancehall with his new drop today Can’t Stop Dancing

Can’t Stop Dancing speaks to the lock down of the entertainment scene and how it is affecting the mentality  of many Jamaicans. The lyrics explains that dancing helps relax the minds of Jamaicans;

“Look how much party goer lock up inna truck back, nah leff yah even thou Miami club pack…How dem fi hate we when quarantine a drive wi crazy” 

The artiste has been in the dancehall music scene for basically two decades and is said to have helped create the dancing culture in dancehall. These two new songs definitely show what Elephant Man is known for. 

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