Foot fetishes are more common than you think

Jeniel Lamb

4 weeks ago

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If you’ve heard someone talk about feet in a way of attraction then they might have a foot fetish.

Fetishes are born out of many different personal preferences, interactions and societal interactions. Feet fetishes might seem taboo but there are statistics to show that feet fetishes are very popular.

“Feet fetishes are by and far the most common fetish-related search on google. This may be in part because some group foot fetishes with other feet or leg-related fetishes like shoes, stockings, foot worship, foot massages, toe sucking, and more.
This fetish can be expressed in different ways — some people are turned on by the sight of feet. Others prefer the feet to be donned in clothing like stockings or shoes. Others want to lick feet and/or toes.” explains Liz Klinger, writer from the well known sexual guide website Lioness.

Studies explain that there are many reasons people find the feet attractive; from the shape, the bone structure and the sensitivity of most feet—tickling, rubbing, and massaging may all feel immensely better on feet.

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