Gas and diesel prices down $4.50

4 days ago

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Motorists should see an increase at the pumps in gasoline and diesel prices, effective Thursday, November 24.

The latest ex-refinery costs from Petrojam indicate that 87- and 90-octane gasoline will be sold for $176.16 and $180.13 per litre, down by $4.50.

Automotive diesel fuel, meanwhile, is expected to be sold for $221.59 per litre after a decrease of $4.50. Ultra-low sulphur diesel has gone down by $4.50 and will be sold for $229.51 per litre.

The price for kerosene decreased by $4.50 and will be sold for $211.45 per litre.

Propane liquid petroleum, in the meantime, will be sold for $60.83 after a decrease of $1.14, while butane liquid petroleum will be sold for $68.55, going down by $0.75.

Marketing companies and retailers are expected to add their respective mark-ups.

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