How do you season your rice?

2 years ago

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Rice in Jamaican culture is the go-to side dish- that staple to your protein. Right? The rice and peas, the seasoned rice, pumpkin rice, plain rice and butter.

The use of spices, seasoning and additives in Jamaican cuisine is predictable and the reason the food on our little island is so scrumptious. The use of sugar though might be a bit much for some but just right for others.

The trick is however not as taboo as it might sound, Asian countries are known for mixing it up when it comes to rice and they have numerous uses for the grain. Rice can be made into a sweet treat or cooked as the side dish that we know. Jamaican culture is such an amalgamation of different customs that sweet rice isn’t as far fetched as it sounds.

Are you adding that sugar this Sunday?

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