Ice Cube says he turned down $9 million role after refusing COVID-19 vaccine

Stevian Francis

4 days ago

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Legendary rapper Ice Cube revealed that he lost a $9 million payday for a role in a movie because he refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The “Friday” series creator confirmed his decision to walk away from that lucrative productive during his appearance on the popular hip-hop podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game recently.

The “Straight Out of Compton” rapper alongside his Mount Westmore bandmates E-40 and Too Short,  verified reports from last year that he left the Sony-produced comedy ‘Oh Hell No’ because he was required to get vaccinated.

 “I turned down a movie because I didn’t want to get the motherf***ing jab,” Cube said at the 1 hour 11 minute mark of the podcast.

 “I turned down $9 million. F*%k that jab and fuck y’all for trying to make me get it.”

As a consequence of his move, Cube shared that he’s not really sure how Hollywood studios feel about him anymore.

“They on some shit, but I mean me too. I’m on some shit too,” he added.

 Despite that, he said he’s got “a lot of things up my sleeve,” before appearing to backtrack on his comments.

 “I didn’t turn it down, the motherf***ers didn’t give it to me because I wouldn’t get the shot,” he added. “I didn’t turn it down, they just didn’t give it to me.”

Cube also added that he has not contracted COVID-19 once, so as far as he’s concerned he doesn’t need to get vaccinated. “I got lucky,” he said. “Ain’t gonna take no shit I don’t need.”

 At the time, Bad Trip and The Eric Andre Show director Kitao Sakurai was attached to helm the film, although he has since left the project for undisclosed reasons, Complex reports

It’s understood that production was scheduled to go ahead in Hawaii, with film producers mandating that all cast members be vaccinated to continue.

 There however have been no updates on the movie since, which is said to include Hollywood heavyweight Jack Black.

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