Investigation launched into police initial response in Khanice Jackson case

2 years ago

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness says an investigation has started to determine, whether the correct protocols were followed after family members of Khanice Jackson made the missing person report to the police.

Speaking at the National Arena after visiting the family on Saturday, Holness said he understands the concerns of Jackson’s family, who claim that the police failed to act quickly.

“There was some issue regarding the speed of response from the police and we are investigating that. We understand the concerns of the family and we are investigating whether or not the police followed their protocol,”

Holness said.

According to Holness, the police have changed the missing person protocol within the last year making it possible to start investigations soon after the report is made. He said before the police had to wait 24 hours before investigations would start.

“That protocol has changed so the police will immediately take a statement and do an assessment of the statement and then that will determine, whether or not they launch an immediate investigation,”

he said.

Jackson’s body was found on Dyke Road in Portmore after she was reported missing on Wednesday. The police have since arrested a man for the crime.

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