Kingston fisherman freed of 2021 gun charge

Racquel A. McKenzie

2 months ago

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A fisherman who was accused by police of throwing away a firearm while being pursued in 2021 was on Thursday acquitted of the charge of illegal possession of firearm.

The accused, Christopher Thompson, 41, was found not guilty following a trial in the Gun Court Division in the Home Circuit Court.

It is reported that around 12:15 a.m. on Saturday, February 27, 2021, a police team was carrying out an operation in the Greenwich town community when they discovered Thompson running along a pathway.

Police stated that Thompson allegedly dropped an object which sounded metallic. Shortly after this discovery, a chase ensued, and Thompson was detained and later charged.

During his court appearance, Thompson’s attorney Matthew Hyatt chided that there were several inconsistencies and discrepancies where the case was concerned.

After the submissions and arguments were reviewed, the charges were dropped.

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