Kyle Butler and his dad to talk it out

2 months ago

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The St Andrew Parish Court has ordered Craig Butler and his son Kyle to mediation to solve the assault charges both have filed against each other.

They are expected to return to court on March 11 when the judge will once again hear the result of the mediation and make a decision. Both are also banned from discussing the matter on social media.

At court, Kyle and Craig, with the assistance of the judge, also settled an issue about Kyle getting an item from the house that his father resides in.

The Butlers have been at loggerheads since November 30, when Kyle, in a social media post, said a man has abused him physically and mentally for years. He showed two wounds he said he received while training at Mona High School that day.

“My mother has been abused mentally and physically by this man for several years. I really don’t want to put this out in the media but you should all know the pain and abuse that I’ve been enduring since I was nine years old…that my mother has been enduring,”

Kyle said in the post.

One day later, Craig issued a statement denying the allegations while accusing his son of suffering from “major issues”.

“Let me categorically state that I have not been abusive to my son on that date or any other date. I have encouraged him and helped him to achieve his full potential. I have worked hard to create opportunities for my son of which he enjoyed for years. There were no complaints then,” Craig said.

Kyle, the following day, received support from his mother Sophia Smith-Butler in a Facebook post in which she said she “stands with my son and support him 100 per cent”.

Subsequently, Kyle reported the matter to the police before acquiring Queen’s Counsel Tom Tavares Finson to represent him and in another social media post on November 7, said he “has all the proof in my hands”.

Craig also accused his son with assault and reported the matter to the police, with Kyle being served with a summons on December 30, with the court date set for Monday, January 11, the same day that Craig was to answer to his charges.

The 22-year-old Kyle stopped playing football early last year to begin a career in the music industry as a producer, but abruptly ended that dream later in the year, to return to football.

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