Learn to invest, but don’t forget insurance

Jeniel Lamb

3 weeks ago

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How should you be planning for the future ? Should you be saving everything? There’s a lot of chatter on what you should do and how you should go about it, however some good advice can help you on your path. 

Sagicor Financial Advisor Fredreesha Smith gives a concise reasoning to how you should be planning for your future;

As an advisor, I’d advise young adults to first learn how to save before investing and I say this to say there must be cash reserved or at least an emergency fund put in place to help in case there is an emergency so that the investment money isn’t pulled. 

An emergency fund can be in the form of life insurance, health insurance or critical illness insurance which protects your income and yourself just in case anything bad happens.

However, It is best to both invest and save your money at the same time.Learn the tricks and trades of the financial world; investing, but don’t forget insurance— you never know what the future holds. 

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