MOHW is appealing to persons to wash hands frequently

2 years ago

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The Ministry of Health and Wellness is calling on persons to make proper hygiene a daily routine to prevent deadly germs and other illnesses.

         Making the call ahead of World Hygiene Day, to be observed on May 5, Chief Nursing Officer in the Ministry, Patricia Ingram-Martin, said hands should be washed regularly with soap and water, especially for individuals whose hands come into contact with blood and body fluids, as well as after the use of toilets.

         “Everyone should practise good hand hygiene. Each person has a role, and needs to contribute in preventing the spread of germs. The healthcare workers, we are asking them more than ever, they must clean their hands at the point of care,” she said.

         Ingram-Martin added that the global ‘Save Lives: Clean Your Hands’ campaign, which commenced in 2009, has taken significance due to frequent outbreaks of infections.

          “It is very important to wash our hands frequently, so that we do not have transmissions of any pathogens that cause the COVID-19 disease, or any other infections,” the Chief Nursing Officer said.

She said the practice at the level of healthcare substantially reduces potential pathogens (harmful microorganisms) on the hands of practitioners, noting that the use of soap and water, and the use of alcohol-based hand rubs are recommended.

The campaign is aimed at maintaining a global message presence, visibility and sustainability of hand hygiene in healthcare and to bring people together in support of hand hygiene improvement around the world.

For this year’s observance of the Day, the Ministry will collaborate with the World Health Organization (WHO)/Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), to spread the message of proper hand hygiene for sustained health.

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