Rytikal shifts focus with Chosen

Jeniel Lamb

1 week ago

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Rytikal has come out with a new  single called Chosen but the gist is a bit different from his usual lyrics.

The piece starts with Psalm 142 verses 1-3, with the spirit of reverence and  the feeling of giving oneself over to something bigger than themself.

He released this song on Sunday, May 30th revealing feelings of insignificance but still standing firm in his moments of doubt. The song has been echoed all over social media by his fans. An empowering ballad– for those persons who feel alone in their struggles. 

Having reached almost 500 thousand views in four days with thousands of comments commending the Cookie Jar singer, it appears that the Rytikal supporters are here for the new single.  

The East Syde artiste has been releasing music since 2017 but got his first hit with King Ina War in 2020. 

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