Sean Paul urges local artistes to be smart in the music business

Jeniel Lamb

6 days ago

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“Music is a mission, not a competition” were the words used by international dancehall entertainer Sean Paul as he spoke about not wanting to be a part of the Verzuz series.

In an interview with Two Bees Tv on YouTube–The artiste explains that he wants to “build champions not kill champions” to explain why he doesn’t see himself doing clashes– even though it’s a part of the Jamaican culture. 

Sean Paul goes on to share that while he appreciates the exposure dancehall culture has received through the Verzus battles, he doesn’t see himself as one to take part. 

He further explains that the clique and clash culture in Jamaica is one of the many reasons the music doesn’t always translate on the international scene– why certain local artistes don’t make the jump to the international scene.

“Yes the visa thing was a big problem, but they could still put music out, and what they were putting out wasn’t helping that situation either.  They all was talking about this gangster shit – excuse mi language – and you are losing your visa, so how you gonna get back dat when you singing about guns… it’s kinda weird.  You have to watch the trends and you have to be smart in this business,”

This interview was a part of the deejay’s album Live n Livin press. 

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