Social media split over Nicki Minaj “Grammy Nom” snub

Stevian Francis

2 weeks ago

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Opinions on Social media appear to be split about the Grammy’s regarding the recent omission of rapper Nicki Minaj from all categories this year.

Minaj’s hit single Super Freaky Girl which was previously up for consideration did not find not make the final following Tuesday’s announcement and some are of the view its was personally motivated.

The “Super Bass” hitmaker had previously lashed out at the awards for placing her single in the pop genre arguing that her Super Freaky Girl was a rap song and was prejudicially categorized in a separate category to lose.  

Given the recent snub by Grammys, fans have seemingly concluded that her absence was indeed a clap back of sorts by awards to her rant

Other online user took the chance to relish in Minaj’s omission. Referencing her recent online beef with fellow female rapper Latto, who earned her first Grammy nod on Tuesday.

 In October two exchanged jabs on Twitter over respect shown or lack there off towards each other, which ironically was started with Minaj using Latto’s Big Energy which is nominated in a rap category, despite sampling a pop song.  

A majority of fans supporting Big Latto made point of highlighting noting Minaj’s omission.

Minaj has yet to speak on results of the nominations.

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