Stacy-Ann Smith launches memoir

2 years ago

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In a compelling message-driven memoir detailing a few of her life’s valley experiences, Jamaican journalist and TV talk show host Stacy-Ann Smith is boldly challenging the widely accepted view that time alone can heal all wounds. The creator and executive producer of the popular talk show It’s A Woman’s World transparently shares her experiences with pain and loss in Time Does Not Heal.

“There are so many people walking around, going through life in a state of brokenness, waiting on time to miraculously fix what ails them. But mental health professionals will tell you that time alone does not heal all wounds. You have to be intentional about your healing, and that’s what this book is about,” said Smith.

Tracing her experience with childhood trauma, a failed marriage and the impact of the death of her father, Smith readily admits that she, like many persons, struggled to function. “After my father died, I hit rock bottom, couldn’t function, was barely going through the motions. If it wasn’t for my faith in God and my willingness to seek help, I probably wouldn’t be here now,” Smith asserted.

The seasoned communications practitioner is hoping that through her experiences, other persons struggling with heartbreak, guilt and pain will be motivated to take the necessary steps to pursue healing. “As I share in the book, it makes sense for us to pay attention to our emotional wellbeing. Most Jamaicans pay little attention to this aspect of our overall health, and so what you end up with are persons who have a hard time coping, can’t maintain healthy relationships or function optimally.”

Smith says she’s hoping that through Time Does Not Heal, readers will begin to accept that their feelings as valid and will actively protect and preserve their emotional wellbeing. “This is what emotional intelligence is all about, and there’s so much data on the value of emotional intelligence to human interaction, progress and peace.”

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