Summer handbag essentials

Jeniel Lamb

5 days ago

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If you are planning to do it big this summer, your purse needs to be stocked with all the essentials. These 8 items are hot, trendy and cool–Certified SLEEK; all the important things that will make your life, travel, and summer easier. 

  • Walk with an extra mask! The pandemic is still happening. Stay safe with a backup.  
  • Wipes are an essential, you never know when you will need to dab at a spot, wipe down or clean up.  
  • Need to top-up your scent? Travel size colognes will never catch you slipping
  • Be prepared for anything and always have cash. You never know when you will get vex and need to go.  
  • Avoid chapped lip days with lip gloss and lip balm or just to have that shiny gloss moment on your stories.  
  • Sanitary items— Need we say more?
  • Safety pins, you cannot stop a wardrobe malfunction, be ready for the worst. 
  • Safety items like self-alarms, etc. It is increasingly becoming a necessary precaution.  

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