Suspect convicted of armed robbery gets bail

Racquel A. McKenzie

4 days ago

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A suspect who was convicted of armed robbery in 2017 was offered bail when he appeared in court on Monday.

The suspect John Murray, who has been behind bars since 2017 pending the outcome of his appeal, was offered $50,000 bail after it was discovered that his trial transcript was missing.

Murray was convicted in 2017 in the Manchester Circuit court on gun-related charges after it was revealed by prosecutors that he held up and robbed people of their cell phones.

During Monday’s proceedings, it was uncovered that 5-years after Murray filed papers appealing his conviction, the proceeding came to a halt as the transcript could not be found.

In addition, the Correctional Services revealed that Murray was in danger of remaining behind bars. The Correctional officer further stated that by law, Murray could not be released as his appeal was still pending.

After reviewing the submissions, the Appeal Court released Murray on bail on surety pending the outcome of the appeal.

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