Texas woman charged for allegedly dumping 50 pounds of feces on police station

Racquel A. McKenzie

2 months ago

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Image Credit- Law and Crime

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A 46-year-old woman, said to be the wife of the Assistant Texas Fire Chief, was arrested and charged for reportedly throwing 50 pounds of human feces in front of the Electra Police Department last week.

The accused, Mindy Janette Stephens, was charged with illegal dumping over 5 pounds and under 500 pounds misdemeanor, a violation of the Texas Health Safety Code.

The accused was, however, released last Friday after posting a $2000 bond.

It is reported that on Wednesday, the accused and another person clad in a yellow hazmat suit and a mask arrived at the police station and took three buckets of waste material from the trunk of her car, and placed them at the entrance of the building.

An officer who noticed the transaction then asked what was taking place to which the accused responded that the buckets were filled with human feces, however, she did not disclose the reasoning behind this bizarre deposit.

Later that day, a police Lieutenant reviewed the surveillance footage and discovered that the perpetrator was the wife of the Assistant Fire Chief.

Subsequently, Police Chief Terry Wooten made contact with City Administrator Steve Bowlin about the malodorous matter and noted that the woman is the wife of the assistant fire chief.

Bowlin, who also is a local firefighter, reportedly told Wooten that he would be crass with the accused and demand that she remove the feces from the property or face charges.

The accused, however, ignored the demand by chiding that it was not her responsibility to clean up the mess and was later arrested and charged with the fecal debacle.

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