Valiant extends reign as most trending artiste on YouTube

Stevian Francis

4 days ago

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Dancehall sensation Valiant continues to expand his growing dominance in the local music space as he maintains his monopoly of the top three most streamed musical content on YouTube.

Valiant, whose serendipitous rise to fame coincided with a viral “Kotch e hat” slang has most certainly maximized the added attention to his character and has since grown to be the most in-demand rising act this year.

Songs such as Cut all Loses (C.A.L), Scholar, and viral smash ‘Dunce Cheque’ all ensure that the “St. Mary” hitmaker retains his reign as the most trending Artist in Jamaica for a third successive week on the platform.

 This week’s status comes following his historic monopoly of the top five spots on most trending which previously included past top trending songs such as St. Mary and North Carolina.

Both of which signaled his meteoric rise as a local and regional sensation in the Dancehall space.

Those tracks have amassed upwards of 4,9 million and 4.6 million streams to date.

The current number 1 trending –‘Dunce cheque’ has racked up over 3.4 million streams since its November 8 release on the platform. The ripple effect from the “Dunce” themed pun has prompted the current number two most trending song Scholar.

The latter is an effort by the artiste to address the controversy around the “Dunce” trend which has been a feature in his song; an address fans seem to have also gravitated to, as the artiste evidently has the ‘Midas touch’ when it comes to the trending topic.

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