Woman gets pregnant while pregnant

2 years ago

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Getting pregnant while pregnant sounds far-fetched, or downright impossible. It is however a known scientific phenomenon known as superfetation. 

British mother, Rebecca Roberts, shared her experience of getting impregnated while already being pregnant with her son. She explained that she was on fertility treatment for almost a year trying to conceive with her husband, which explains the hormone fluctuation to make her ovulate while already being pregnant. 

For the first few weeks of the pregnancy the ultrasounds only showed one baby. However,  at week 12 – a second baby was seen.  

In her CNN interview she shares that while her son is three weeks older than her daughter, they are still twins to her because she carried them at the same time. 

It’s being called a medical marvel because of how rare of an event it is and only a few cases have been reported and verified.

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