Would you braid your hair with banana?

Kwela Cole

1 year ago

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As the deterioration of the environment becomes an increasingly pressing issue, the world’s population seeks even more innovative ways to preserve the earth.

To achieve this without sacrificing lifestyle, the idea of sustainable living arose and trickled into every aspect of the human experience.

One of these sectors is the lucrative beauty industry. Hair, makeup and skin-care companies competing for social acceptance began launching environmentally-friendly alternatives to otherwise destructive products and services — enters emerging hair company Rebundle, the brainchild of entrepreneur Ciara Imani May.

Ciara Imani May’s natural hair journey, like many black women, saw her frequently wearing protective styles.

The regular braided styles and the synthetic hair they featured caused her scalp to become itchy and inflamed. Seeking an answer to her issues, she began to learn about the harmful materials used to make standard braiding hair and the plant-based materials that could replace them.

Not only were these products devoid of irritating ingredients, but they were also good for the environment as well. 

After workshopping a few fibres, she settled on banana, a biodegradable by-product famed for its durability.

The vegan and non-toxic fibre alternative to the fine plastic strands of chemical-coated Kanekalon hair has proven to be the saving grace of many sensitive scalped black women. Banana fibre not only offers relief but is cleaner for the environment. Being plant-based, it breaks down upon disposal and is cleaner and more efficient to produce.

Rebundle is only one of many companies going the green route and doing their part in reducing their carbon footprint on the world.

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